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What’s The Best Home Automation System?

Home automation electrician in Sydney

Home automation systems help you streamline your daily household tasks, protect your home from intruders and lower your energy bills. There are many different electrical automation systems to choose from but is the best home automation system for your new Coogee smart home?  

The Fibaro system is a popular choice for home automation specialists, due to its wide range of impressive benefits, innovative features and plug and play installation. Here is how home automation installers in Sydney can help you increase your home’s value, comfort, and safety with the Fibaro system’s innovative devices and features. 

What Are The Attributes Of A Great Home Automation System?

Your electrical automation system increases the value of your home, your life and your comforts, so it can be very frustrating when it doesn’t work correctly. Not only is a reliable home automation system vital, a good design that blends in with your modern Coogee home, with completely customisable settings, it is also a necessity. What else do Sydneysiders look for in an excellent electrical automation system? We have compiled a shortlist of the most important features below:

  • Reliability
  • Longevity 
  • Easy integration  
  • Whole-home connectivity
  • Customisable 
  • Innovative 
  • Intuitive app

Four benefits of the Fibaro electrical automation system 

There are many reasons why home automation specialists recommend Fibaro to turn your Coogee home into a home automation Coogee haven. Here are four benefits that the Fibaro electrical automation system offers that makes it a popular choice for home automation installers in Sydney.

1. Easy App Integration

Want to check live footage of your home whilst you are at work? Or double-check you switched all the lights off whilst you are cosy in bed? What about turning your heater on before you get out of bed on a chilly winter morning? 

Easily connect your Fibaro system to the Fibaro home centre Yubii app and enjoy remote access from anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you can check the status of your devices, from your smart front door lock, smart lighting, smart heating, and control your home from anywhere in the world. 

2. Easy To Use 

With a wide range of innovatively designed modern products, your Fibaro devices will look good in any Sydney home or business. 

The Fibaro Walli Wall Switch allows you to connect one or all of your home features at once, including your lights, music, or blinds, to the Walli Controller and place it anywhere in your home that is the most convenient. Next to the couch? By your bed? In the kitchen?

The Walli Wall Switch is wireless which means no wires, renovations or wall drilling is required for installation. Instead, stick it to any surface and enjoy complete control over your lights, blinds, and multimedia system at the press of a button.

Impressive Features of the Fibaro Walli Wall Switch:

  • Wireless
  • Long battery life
  • Powered by battery or by DC
  • Smart automation trigger
  • Built-in temperature sensor

3. Motion Detection Activation

You may already know that your new smart home features can be activated by voice control. For example, “Siri, play my favourite song.” or “Google, turn all the lights off.” But did you know you can activate your smart home features with motion sensors? The electrical automation Fibaro system offers an additional exciting option, motion detection activation.

As soon as motion is detected in your home or yard, your Fibaro system can activate any smart device. You can programme any smart features in your settings, from temperature regulation, inside and outside lights, security cameras, and security alarms. With an array of safety motion devices such as flood sensors, Motion sensors and  door/window sensors, the Fibaro system can give you a peaceful sleep. 

4. Energy Monitoring 

Avoid the surprise when your monthly or quarterly electricity bills arrive and monitor your energy usage throughout the day, week or month. Your Fibaro electrical automation system will allow you to identify which home devices cost the most to run and enable you to program and control your smart home devices to lower your expensive electricity bills. 

With electrical automation devices such as a smart wall plug and dimmer, your Fibaro system can help you optimise your electricity costs and monitor energy usage. 

Speak With A Home Automation Installer In Sydney Today 

Your local home automation specialist can help you turn your Coogee home into a home automation Coogee haven with the Fibaro system. Enjoy complete control over your home lighting, heating, and gates and blinds with reliable remote access from an intuitive app, voice control, or motion sensors.

Whether you want to check how much energy you have already used this month, programme your favourite song to wake you up in the morning, or activate your smart heating as soon as you walk in the door, a Sydney electrician can help you create the perfect Coogee smart home with the Fibaro system.

Contact Safe N Sound Electrical on: 02 3822 1512 for efficient and affordable installation with one of the best home automation brands, the Fibaro system.

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