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Car park EV charger installation in Macquarie Park

Our electrician installed multiple EV chargers in an outdoor car park for an office in Macquarie Park. See how we did it & the costs involved.

Installing Clipsal EVLink ev car chargers in an outdoor carpark

Clipsal electric vehicle charger installer in Sydney

Safe n Sound Electrical is a qualified and licensed electrician in Sydney that can install EV chargers like the EVlink Parking charging solution. This range of EV charging products are specifically suited to car parking environments located in offices, hotels, supermarkets, fleet parking areas or even train stations. We are one of the few ev charging installation companies in Macquarie Park in Sydney that are licensed to install this type of electrical equipment.

The EVLink range has been designed for public or commercial use where the property owner can benefit from many different advanced features including the ability to configure the charging station using the EVlink’s embedded Web server. Getting an ev fast charger installed in a car park for commercial or retail use can create a competitive advantage in business or attract more clients to your site.

You can do things like;

  • Adapt the charging station power demand to your electrical distribution
  • Select the relevant power-metering solution
  • Adapt the charging station to your application
  • It also has various diagnosis and maintenance features like the front face LEDs or the embedded web server
  • You can restore factory defaults setting without a computer
  • You can even upgrade the charging station with the latest firmware and benefit from additional features as they are made available

Their system is quite advanced and can be installed at multiple locations around a site and be managed using their infrastructure software interface from a central location. The connectors are compatible with a wide range of electric or hybrid vehicles with either;


  • Mode 3 with T2 or T2 with shutter socket outlet or
  • Mode 2 with domestic socket (Type E or Type F
The (EC 60529): IP54 rating means it can be set up in outdoor parking areas that are exposed to wind, sun and rain. The durable enclosure will keep everything protected. The mechanical protection is rated at (IEC 62262): IK10 as well as having a wide working temperature from -25°C to +50°C which makes it very suitable to be used in most retail or commercial locations around Sydney.

The system can be set up in various configurations that include;

  • User authentication
  • Free access
  • One or two socket outlets
  • Floor standing installation
  • Wall mounted installation

They also provide extensive support and a two year warranty which is a great indication as to the quality and robust nature of these EV charging units (the other reason why we prefer to recommend them as a product choice.)

Installing new outdoor EV car chargers in a parking area

Our scope of work for this EV charger installation was quite extensive and included;

  • Site inspection and multiple discussions about the positions of the EV chargers to be installed into the existing car park. We had to allow for disabled parking spaces and easy access to the car for charging purposes.
  • Provide a written quotation for the scope of work to be completed.
  • Submit electrical plans of the proposed cable run and charger positions for the building manager to inspect and approve.
  • Install 60m cable run from the charger position to the existing switch board
  • Install the charger base at the end of 2 x car parking spaces that were located outdoors
  • Install 1 x isolation switch for each charger
  • Install a safety switch into the distribution board and connect data cables to the comms rack
  • Install 2 x EV chargers, 1 for each base
  • Test the new cabling using a multimeter
  • Test the chargers using dedicated EV charger test equipment
  • Produce certificate of compliance for works done
  • Set up card reader
  • Train the clients on the card reader usage
The products we installed included;
  • 2 X EV charger pedestals for charging unit
  • 2 x EV Link smart wall box 22KW (3 PHASE)
  • Power cable 3 phase
  • 2 x new 40A Clipsal RCBO (safety switch)
  • 1 x Swipe card reader for 1 charger (other had key access charging)

The cost of adding electric vehicle charging to an existing car park

For this EV charger installation in Macquarie Park we had to work closely with Clipsal (Owned by Schnieder and the makers of the EVLink system) to install this new product into the car park. This included engaging with them to ensure the new monitoring system was operational as well as working out a suitable cable size and capacity for the install.

The beauty of this EV charging equipment and the system is that the chargers can be upgraded via the installed data cables or via a laptop. The EV chargers can be replaced with new versions if needed and still use the existing cabling that is in place.

The total cost of installing this type of  3 phase 22KW charging system is between $7,000 and $12,000 depending on the specific hardware required, amount of chargers and the length of the cable run.

We are an ev charger installation company that can be contracted by Strata or Body Corporate groups to install units in either private or public parking spaces in shopping centres or even apartment blocks. We sell and support a number of leading ev charger brands and can accomodate any type of electrical requirements to ensure they are installed correctly either indoors, outdoors, in a car park or garage.

Darren electrican in Sydney for Safe N Sound electrical in a medical facility

Darren Dewerson - licensed electrician in Sydney

I started in the industry installing security alarms and CCTV camera systems 25 years ago in London. I worked on thousands of sites servicing alarm electrical systems for large building companies, schools & other locations.

When I arrived in Australia I wasn’t allowed to apply for a security licence as I was not a citizen at the time so I decided get my TAFE qualifications and retrain as an electrician which complimented my electrical assistant work in London. I have been working as an electrician in Sydney since 2005.

For just over 40 years I have been involved in all types of electrical installations, upgrades, emergency repairs and set ups.

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