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Tesla EV wall charger installation in Coogee

We installed a Tesla EV wall charger in the garage for this home owner in Coogee to make it easier to charge their electric car, see how we did it.

Installing a Tesla ev car charger at home in a garage

Tesla electric vehicle charger installer in Sydney

Safe n Sound Electrical is a qualified and licensed electrician in Sydney that can install EV chargers like the Tesla Wall Connector. The owner of this home in Coogee wanted to have at home EV charging available for his vehicle with an affordable electric charger installation.

This product from Tesla is an efficient and convenient home charging solution that lets you plug your Tesla electric vehicle in overnight while it is parked at your home. It means you can use the vehicle in the morning fully charged. 

Getting a Tesla Wall Connector installed at home has lots of benefits that include;

  • Charging speed – the Wall Connector is compatible with Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y and is capable of providing up to 75 km of range per hour of charge, with up to 11kW output, depending on the model.
  • Convenience – Wall Connector can adapt to most home electrical systems, with customisable power levels on a range of circuit breakers. This versatility allows installation in most homes in Sydney, apartment blocks or even a car park at work. Our electricians can provide an assessment on what may be suitable for your home.
  • Connectivity – Connecting the Wall Connector to a local Wi-Fi network enables it to receive over-the-air firmware updates, remote diagnostics access and usage data tracking capability. Firmware updates will be automatically sent to the Wall Connector to get the best day to day operating experience possible for your vehicle.
  • Power Sharing – this is ideal for households that need to charge more than one Tesla at the same time, but may not have enough power for multiple electrical circuits. This functionality allows up to six Wall Connectors to share power from one circuit while still allowing your vehicles to receive a sufficient charge.
  • Access Control – charging Access Control gives you full control over which cars are allowed to charge with your Wall Connector. You can restrict charging access directly through the wizard without having to resort to a physical locking device. This is ideal for situations where the charger might be installed in an open car park area or shared garage.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Compatible – Wall Connector’s lightweight design allows for versatile, indoor or outdoor mounting either on a wall or a post.

The cost of getting a Tesla Wall Connector installed in Coogee

As a leading electric vehicle charging station contractor in the Eastern Suburbs we are able to provide a free quote to calculate the costs of getting one installed. The cost of getting a Tesla Wall Connector installed by an EV charging installation company in Coogee will vary depending on your home charging hardware and electrical system.

  • A straightforward installation can range between $750 and $1,500 inc GST that is no more than 10 metres from the electrical board.. However, if there are additional items needed to complete your installation, the price will be adjusted accordingly by an electrician in Sydney.

  • Typically included:
    • Professional installation service and materials
    • Permit/Certificate
    • Inspection
    • Installation warranty
  • Typically additional:
    • Long cable run (distance from switchboard to installation site)
    • Additional sub panel
    • Trenching/digging (underground cable run)
    • Switchboard upgrade
    • Stand/mounting required
    • Concealed cabling

Before installation myself and the client discussed the work that would take place and also what would be the best area for the electric vehicle charger, to allow easy access to while charging the car.

For this installation in Coogee the scope of work included the following;

  • Install new circuit from electrical distribution board to garage area.
  • Install protective conduit over cables in garage area.
  • Install new isolation switch in garage
  • Install new single phase RCD (Safety switch) into distribution board to protect the electrical cable
  • Install new Tesla wall charger (supplied by client)
  • Test the new Tesla charger with a dedicated charging tester
  • Set up the app and charger for the customer as the customer was onsite we did a complete test with his Tesla car and charger
The products we installed included;
  • Tesla single phase 40 amp wall charger (Supplied by client)
  • Single phase power cable
  • Single phase RCD (safety switch) Residual Current Device
  • 2 pole isolation switch
So for this specific installation in Coogee the cost was $951 inc GST plus the additional cost of the charger which the client had already purchased separately.

Can a Tesla Wall Connector be installed for Strata or a Body Corporate

If you live in a block of units, apartments, townhouses or a closed community that has shared public parking we can install multiple Tesla Wall Connectors after engaging with the Strata or Body Corporate. We can liase with the relevant people to get all the required approvals to have new Wall Connectors installed inside parking garage areas, visitor parking spots or even on walls inside each tenant’s lock up garage. 

We are often chosen as a electric vehicle charger installer for unit and apartment blocks in Sydney due to our extensive electrical expertise. You can’t just choose any EV charge point installer that is near your location you have to find someone that is licensed and experienced, especially for public use installations which have far greater risks as well as higher volume usage.

Can a Tesla Wall Connector be installed for commercial use

If you manage a retail shop, bulky goods retail destination, shopping centre or some other type of commercial property we can install multiple Tesla Wall Connectors into the car parking areas. This can add a unique level of convenience for people visiting the location. Wall Connectors can be installed inside parking garage areas, visitor parking spots or even on walls on the outside of a building and will most likely require a 3 phase car charger installation.

We are often chosen as a electric vehicle charger commercial installer due to our extensive electrical expertise. We can integrate their electrical requirements into your current system to ensure it operates safely, efficiently & reliably.

Darren electrican in Sydney for Safe N Sound electrical in a medical facility

Darren Dewerson - licensed electrician in Sydney

I started in the industry installing security alarms and CCTV camera systems 25 years ago in London. I worked on thousands of sites servicing alarm electrical systems for large building companies, schools & other locations.

When I arrived in Australia I wasn’t allowed to apply for a security licence as I was not a citizen at the time so I decided get my TAFE qualifications and retrain as an electrician which complimented my electrical assistant work in London. I have been working as an electrician in Sydney since 2005.

For just over 40 years I have been involved in all types of electrical installations, upgrades, emergency repairs and set ups.

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