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5 Money-Saving Tips to Save On Your Electricity Bill

When there are far more enjoyable ways to spend our money, who wants to waste it investing in electricity bills?

With the extensive options for modern amenities and energy-saving devices, there are many solutions to high utility bills and energy consumption. An experienced electrician can help you cut down on electricity bills with ease, and make life so much better with more money in your pocket.  

Let’s take a look at five ways you can instantly save money on your electricity bill.

Invest in a Smart Home

Make your home smart and enhance your comfort levels while saving money. There are so many opportunities to turn your home into a safe, energy-efficient, money saving hub by adopting smart and modern technologies.

By using one of the various full home automation kits currently on the market, you can render your entire house “smart”. Such automation systems allow you to monitor your light, temperatures, alarm, and even window coverings. 

Investing in advanced technology, and turning your house eco-friendly, is a great modern convenience that can help you save money on electricity bills. 

Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a brilliant solution for cooling your home whilst improving air circulation.

Because of poor air quality, often households become stuffy and humid. Ceiling fans allow more effective air circulation which not only helps with airflow but also saves you a lot of money in comparison to air conditioning.  

The addition of ceiling fans will add up to a lot of savings by the end of a hot summer when used in place of air conditioning, and are an excellent choice for the environment.

Get Energy-Efficient LEDs

Upgrading your lightbulbs to the incredibly efficient LEDs is a wiser and cheaper choice in the long run, in comparison to standard light bulbs.  

At first these modern LED’s were a nightmare for decorators with their hideous fluorescent coils destroying the appearance of high-end lamps and creating a harsh glare, leaving the space anything but welcoming. 

However, with advancements in design and technology, LEDs have become the light source of choice and will save you money as they require less electricity.

Cut Down on Phantom Energy

Here’s a little-known fact: even when devices aren’t in use, plugged in devices still consume energy. This is known as Phantom Energy. 

Unplug appliances that aren’t being used before going to bed and properly shutdown all electrical outlets before leaving the room. On average, it could be costing you upwards of $25 to $30 per month on your electricity bill just in energy vampire costs.

Use Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters do not continuously heat a full tank of stored water and therefore, do not use up a lot of wasted energy. 

Tankless water heaters heat the water only when switched on and provide continuous hot water on demand. With the help of these heaters, you will not only enjoy a long hot bath but also cut down on energy usage. 

Making tweaks to your energy consumption is easy and can be rewarding. The savings you make will give you more money to spend on things you actually want, rather than your electricity bill.

Our professional Sydney Electricians can help you cut down on significant electricity usage, and save your money on electricity bills by upgrading and installing more efficient systems into your home and commercial premises.

Smart homes, modern energy-friendly appliances, tankless water heaters, and motion-activated lights can reduce electricity costs with ease. You can easily save up to more than 15% of your electricity bills by switching to modern LED-based lights and tankless heaters. 

The choice is entirely yours. Get smart and get saving now. 

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Darren Dewerson - licensed electrician in Sydney

I started in the industry installing security alarms and CCTV camera systems 25 years ago in London. I worked on thousands of sites servicing alarm electrical systems for large building companies, schools & other locations.

When I arrived in Australia I wasn’t allowed to apply for a security licence as I was not a citizen at the time so I decided get my TAFE qualifications and retrain as an electrician which complimented my electrical assistant work in London. I have been working as an electrician in Sydney since 2005.

For just over 40 years I have been involved in all types of electrical installations, upgrades, emergency repairs and set ups.

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