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What to ask an electrician in Sydney when getting a quotation

The questions to ask any electrician giving you a quotation

Safe n Sound Electrical is a qualified and licensed electrician in Sydney so you are thinking ok, who cares there are thousands of them. Well you are right but let’s be honest, they are not all the same really. Each one will have a different style, experience levels and capabilities.

So here is our suggestions for what to ask an electrician when you are trying to get quotations for electrical work or choosing between different contractors. 

Things you need to ask an electrician in Sydney

At some stage we will all require the expertise of an electrician, but how do you know if the tradie you’re contacting is qualified, experienced and fix your issue with confidence and expertise? Whether you’re building a new home or adding outdoor lighting, to confidently hire a professional, you need to know the questions to ask your electrical contractor before a job starts and after it ends. A licensed electrician is required to undertake any job that requires the installation of an electrical supply or supply outlet. Some of the jobs an electrician performs include:

  • Electrical wiring and rewiring
  • Electrical repairs
  • Installation of safety switches
  • Outdoor lighting installation
  • Power point installation and repairs
  • Switchboard installation, testing and repair

If any work is needed on your home electrical system, a licensed electrician must do the job. Ensuring you ask questions will ensure you find the best qualified electrician for your task or project. You should also ask them questions before they come to your home to ensure you’re on the same page and each party understands what is required. 

  • Do you have a license to perform electrical work? Anyone who does electrical work is required by law to have a valid, current electrician’s licence. A licensed electrician is a trade professional who does their work by strict Australian Standards. This ensures that all licensed electricians have the necessary training and have proven their ability to perform as working electricians after undergoing training and apprenticeship. Each State of Australia has its own license requirements to become a qualified electrician, which you can easily Google for your location.
  • Do you have insurance? Most Australian states require that electricians undertaking domestic and commercial work must hold an electrical contractors licence. Furthermore, some also require that public liability insurance is held prior to issuing or renewing an electrical contractors licence. The requirement set by most states is for a minimum of $5 million public liability insurance, however some electricians may require more depending on the types of work they are undertaking and the locations which they work in. Never use an electrician who isn’t insured. And for peace of mind, ask for a copy of the insurance to be attached with their quote. 
  • Do you have prior work references? We suggest this is mandatory for larger projects such as a home renovation or new construction. It’s best to know what former and current clients have thought about the electricians workmanship, skills and service delivery. Reviews are a great way to narrow your search and can easily be found on Google. For large projects, you’ll be working with your contractor for some time. 
  • What is your quote? Always ask for a detailed quote upfront, as it can make life easier down the track when surprises appear on your final invoice. A professional electrician will offer a written quote prior to hiring them. This not only keeps your relationship transparent, but it allows you to budget.
  • Who is going to do the actual work? Often a senior electrician will visit to see the job, provide the quote and discuss what’s needed. If they have a team working for them, it’s not uncommon for their apprentice and electrician to do the work, dependant on the size of the job. However, we recommend that you decline if only an apprentice comes to your home to complete the work. Although they’re working under the senior electrician when they’re working as a team, on their own it could prove disastrous should something go wrong on site. Remember, this is your home you’re inviting someone in too, so you want to ensure they’ve had a screening process, including a criminal background check and identity verification.
  • Is your work guaranteed with a warranty? Any reputable company or contractor warranties their work, usually for at least a year. Ensure you ask this important question as you may pay for it dearly down the line. Always look for the best electrician in your area who is highly experienced, qualified and has the necessary insurance, warranty and guarantee. It’s not worth taking a risk, so let Safe N Sound Electrical look after your electrical needs and keep you safe.
  • Will you obtain any necessary permits for the project? For certain electrical projects, permits may be required. Ensure that the electrician will handle obtaining the necessary permits to comply with local regulations.
  • How long do you expect the project to take? Understanding the expected timeline for the project will help you plan accordingly and manage expectations. 
  • Can you explain the specific steps and materials required for the project? Asking for a breakdown of the project’s steps and materials needed can help you understand the process and assess the electrician’s approach to the job.
  • Do you offer emergency services or after-hours support if needed? Knowing whether the electrician provides emergency services or after-hours support can be important in case of urgent electrical issues.
  • Do you follow safety standards and best practices? Ensure that the electrician follows industry safety standards and best practices to prioritise safety during the project.
Darren electrican in Sydney for Safe N Sound electrical in a medical facility

Darren Dewerson - licensed electrician in Sydney

I started in the industry installing security alarms and CCTV camera systems 25 years ago in London. I worked on thousands of sites servicing alarm electrical systems for large building companies, schools & other locations.

When I arrived in Australia I wasn’t allowed to apply for a security licence as I was not a citizen at the time so I decided get my TAFE qualifications and retrain as an electrician which complimented my electrical assistant work in London. I have been working as an electrician in Sydney since 2005.

For just over 40 years I have been involved in all types of electrical installations, upgrades, emergency repairs and set ups.

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