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When You Need To Hire A Specialist Electrician

Specialist Electrician

There are certain electrical jobs that require specialised knowledge and years of experience to get the best results. These types of jobs require a specialist electrician.

Hiring a general Sydney electrician to complete a specialised job, such as repairing medical equipment or turning your ordinary home into the ultimate smart home, is like asking a general doctor to perform surgery on your broken toe. 

Sometimes it’s best to go straight to the specialists for peace of mind. Knowing that you will be getting quality results for your hard earned money is, well, priceless. 

So, when is it a good idea to hire a specialist electrician? 

We’ve listed 4 areas that require specialised knowledge and expertise to get the best results …


Medical electricians in Sydney understand the importance of minimal downtime in patient care. They have the experience and knowledge to complete the job not only efficiently but with the safety of patients and staff front of mind. 

A specialised electrician will ensure important maintenance and repairs of medical equipment are conducted, tested and cleaned up in a safe and timely manner, with minimal disruptions.


Whether it’s for your home or a commercial space, there are many ways you can get creative with lighting. Using the advice and expertise from a specialised Lighting Electrician in Sydney will help you get the best results possible for your space. 

A Sydney lighting specialist will have valuable expertise in the following:

  • LED lighting upgrade
  • Bathroom and kitchen lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Motion sensor installation
  • Smart lighting
  • Light dimmers and timers
  • Track and accent lighting
  • Lighting control installation

Good lighting doesn’t just help create the perfect home or working environment, it also improves functionality and saves on energy consumption and cost. There are many different ways you can use lighting to drastically improve an ordinary space, and a lighting electrician will know the best way to create the perfect space with special lighting.


When you are hiring a Home Automation Installer in Sydney, a specialist electrician will make the job easy and stress-free, supplying the best brands and knowledge to turn your home into the perfect smart home. 

One example of a reliable Home Automation system recommended by Home Automation electricians is Fibaro. Fibaro is not only simple to install but it’s easy to use with voice control and remote access. It’s also energy efficient with climate control. 

Another example of a great Home Automation system Sydney electricians recommend is C-Bus Home Automation. C-Bus is great value for money with advanced security functions, voice recognition and app control. You can cool or warm your house no matter where you are, even if you’re driving home from a weekend away.


Electric vehicles are rising in popularity. More and more Sydney-siders now own an EV, requiring the help of a Sydney electrician to install an EV charger in their home. 

When it comes to understanding EV charger installation a specialist Sydney electrician will have more expertise to complete the job efficiently and perfectly.

Installing an EV charger in your home will prevent you having to wait ages for your EV to charge, like that time you had to wait for 1 hour in a noisy Sydney parking lot. Hiring a Sydney electrician who knows exactly which EV charging models are the best for your vehicle means saving even more time with an efficient and reliable EV charger installation.


Safe N Sound Electrical are Sydney’s go-to specialist electricians. With years of experience and crucial knowledge gathered across many speciality areas, including: medical equipment maintenance, home automation, lighting, and EV charger installation. 

Next time you need a Randwick electrician to conduct safe medical equipment repair or turn your ordinary home into the smart home you’ve always dreamed of, contact the trusted team at Safe N Sound.

Darren electrican in Sydney for Safe N Sound electrical in a medical facility

Darren Dewerson - licensed electrician in Sydney

I started in the industry installing security alarms and CCTV camera systems 25 years ago in London. I worked on thousands of sites servicing alarm electrical systems for large building companies, schools & other locations.

When I arrived in Australia I wasn’t allowed to apply for a security licence as I was not a citizen at the time so I decided get my TAFE qualifications and retrain as an electrician which complimented my electrical assistant work in London. I have been working as an electrician in Sydney since 2005.

For just over 40 years I have been involved in all types of electrical installations, upgrades, emergency repairs and set ups.

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