In recent years, we’ve seen an incredible number of innovations when it comes to creating a smart home. There have been some fails along the way, however the revolutionary ideas and inventions in the electrical space have tacked issues, created convenience and a whole new way to live.

From a home-owners perspective, smart electrical solutions have created security, flexibility, energy efficiency and comfort to our spaces. With electrical one of the most popular home improvement choices, we’ve asked our team of Sydney electricians about the solutions they’re excited about when creating a smart home:

Electrical outlets with USB ports

With most people owning a device, finding a charger when you need one can be frustrating and irritating. By installing electrical outlets with a USB port, you can charge your device directly from the outlet. Another idea is to install the USB port in a cupboard so cords and devices are out of sight and clutter free. Your Sydney electrician can recommend the perfect spots to install new outlets.

Home security monitoring

Installing a video doorbell is fast becoming popular for home security. Not only does it offer a sense of security when you’re at home, but you can also use your smartphone to monitor your home if you’re at work, on holidays or out and about.

Automation and smart lighting

Many years ago, we could never have imagined scheduling our electricity supply or clapping to turn on lights, but now home automation is beyond our wildest dreams. By installing a smart lighting system, we’re now able to schedule our electricity, time our supply and turn on lights without actually touching a switch.

Another popular lighting solution is motion activated lighting. This can save dollars on electricity bills with lights automatically switch off if there’s no one in the room. And you won’t need to stumble around in the dark at night with lights switching on! The new Fibaro system can even close your front gate, open the blinds and warm the house for you for when you get home.

Brighten with LED lights

With energy efficiency and the environment being important factors in deciding which lights to choose, LED’s are an obvious choice. LEDs are more energy efficient, provide higher quality lighting, and could even save you money.

Accent lighting

Looking to really create the wow factor in your home? Add accent lighting throughout. You can completely change the look of a room by adding lighting to cabinets, shelves, and other features. Popular in kitchens and bar areas, LED lights provide illumination in darker spots and negate the need to add in an extra lightbulb.

Smart smoke alarms

Installing a smart smoke alarm adds an extra level of safety and security. If you are out of the house or away on holidays, a message is sent to your smartphone if the alarm detects smoke. This gives you the opportunity to call the fire brigade or a neighbour to check it out for you.

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