If you run a business, safety should be one of your top priorities. This is why you should have the electrical appliances in your shop¬†or office undergo testing and tagging to ensure that they are still in good condition and won’t cause electrical problems that could lead to a fire, injuries, or other unfortunate incidents.

What is Test and Tag?

Test and tag is the process of checking and verifying the safety of portable electrical appliances, ensuring that they comply with Australian WHS and Electrical Safety Regulations and workplace safety.

This process is carried out in two stages. First, a technician inspects the appliance for any damage and tests it using a portable appliance tester. Once the appliance is tested, a tag will be affixed to the appliance, confirming that it has been tested, as well as showing details about who performed the test, the date of the test, and the next test due date.

Test and Tag Requirements

Those who are in the construction, demolition, and mining businesses are legally required to meet test and tag requirements every three months. The nature of these industries means electrical appliances are likely to be damaged at a much faster rate compared to those used in other industries.

Meanwhile, businesses in other industries are not required to have their appliances tested and tagged. However, they are encouraged to do so because it is their responsibility to ensure the safety of their employees while at work. If someone is hurt by an appliance that was defective, an employer could find themselves liable, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What Appliances Need To Be Tested and Tagged?

According to SafeWork NSW, any appliance that has a flexible cable, a removable plug, and has a voltage not exceeding 50 volts should be tested and tagged. These include earthed appliances like kettles, irons, and toasters, as well as double insulated appliances such as electric drills and dryers.

To avoid electrical accidents that could lead to injuries and damage to property, be sure to have your appliances tested and tagged. Contact Safe N Sound Electrical to obtain reliable and trustworthy appliance tagging services in Sydney.